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Our Foundation


Our Foundation

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The United Pentecostal Church of Great Britain & Ireland (UPC GB& I) is affiliated to the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI).

The UPC GB&I was officially formed in 1968 after a UPCI Missionary to London, Reverend Mervyn Todd and his young family met a group of West Indian Apostolic Pentecostal immigrants who had started having regular church meetings in their homes.

The UPC GB&I is one of the fastest growing multicultural apostolic church organisation in the United kingdom. Presently the UPC GB&I is divided into 3 districts: London and South, Central District and Northern District & Ireland and comprises over 80 churches and preaching points.

Throughout the 50’s & 60’s immigrants from the West Indies came to Great Britain. With many came the Apostolic message of Pentecost which God would connect with the precious Apostolic Spirit filled outpouring revivals in 1894 in Ireland and 1901 in Wales and throughout the British Isles and Europe.

1961: One Sunday night after service, 5 Spirit filled saints sat in a car at the corner of Honeybrook Road in Balham. Elder J M Brownie, Sis M Brownie, Bro Roy Lindo, Bro Fred Gallimore and Bro S G Sappleton.

Several had come from UPC-affiliated churches in Jamaica, but there were no UPC churches in the UK at that time. They felt it needful to try and establish a UPC church in England.

1962: UPC Members in UK visited by Bro & Sis J W Mogg, retired Missionaries from Ceylon. 1965: Missionary Mervyn Miller, his wife Sis Marilyn Miller and their two children arrived in England and started working with the UPC members in the UK.
1967: Bro Mervyn Miller meets Bro Fred Turley who is now baptised in Jesus name. Bro Mervyn Miller is asked by the brethren to become the Pastor.

1960’s: The first British UPC church bus was purchased for £320, with a special sacrificial offering made by Bro Sappleton, Bro Lindo and Mother Mills.

HOUSE GROUP MEETINGS: At Bro & Sis L Edwards’ home in Leighton Gardens, Kensal Green and Bro & Sis F Gallimore’s home in Ritherden Road, Balham

Formal record of adoption was agreed by all 23 members present and signed by the Pastor, Bro Mervyn Miller, the Secretary, Sis C Peart and Deacon F Gallimore.

HOWLAND HALL (the place of worship) was a hall rented from the Church of England on Sunnyhill Road, Streatham.

n August 1965 a young couple and their two young children, Tammy Erin 6 years old and Mervyn Todd 18 months arrived in London as the first Appointed Missionaries of the United Pentecostal Church International.

In the home of Rev and Sis Lloyd Edwards, a group of Jamaican brethren met with the Millers and expressed their burden and desire to see established a strong United Pentecostal Church. From that day a relationship developed which would last for two missionary terms. During that time, Calvary Temple church building was purchased.

1968 (November) The British Isles District of the UPC was organised.
After many years of hard work, in November 1968, in a special meeting held at Partington, Manchester; the British Isles District of the UPC was officially organised.

When UPCGB&I was born,

the District Board members

at that time were:

Bro M D Miller – Superintendent
Bro F J Turley – Secretary/Treasurer
Bro L G Edwards – Missions Secretary
Bro J C H Dallas – Editor of the Pentecostal Truth (Official Organ)
Bro B D Glaser, Secretary of the UPC European District was present at this historic meeting. Two Commer buses were purchased to transport children to and from Sunday School; one was driven by Bro Sappleton and one by Bro B Steele. 1969: In February 1969, Calvary Temple UPC was purchased and dedicated to the glory of God on the last Saturday of February 1969. This date has always been a landmark for the brethren of Calvary Temple. The Church Board Members at that time were:
Bro M D Miller – Pastor
Bro J C H Dallas – Associate Minister
Bro L G Edwards – Associate Minister
Bro S G Sappleton – Elder
Bro E R Lindo – Elder
Bro F G Gallimore – Elder
Bro L Carnegie – Elder
Sis C Peart – Church Secretary

In August 1965 a young couple and their two young children, Tammy Erin 6 years old and Mervyn Todd 18 months arrived in London as the first Appointed Missionaries of the United Pentecostal Church International.
In the home of Rev and Sis Lloyd Edwards, a group of Jamaican brethren met with the Millers and expressed their burden and desire to see established a strong United Pentecostal Church. From that day a relationship developed which would last for two missionary terms. During that time, Calvary Temple church building was purchased.

The work grew and soon other works were started in various parts of the UK under the supervision of Rev Miller.

In the Heavenly realm of our Apostolic Advancement a small step was taken with the United Pentecostal Church of Great Britain & Ireland when it held its first General Conference in 1969 after the district was officially organised.
1972: Edinburgh, Scotland: The constitution was changed, and the British Isles became known as the UPC of Great Britain & Ireland.

From then onwards Ministers were sent out to pioneer works in other parts of the country. The writer (Bro Sappleton) was sent to Rugby, Bro S Gardner from Rugby to Manchester and Bro D Campbell to Elgin, Scotland.
1973: Formation of the National Youth Department (E Hall)

1985: The National Work is Multiplied into 6 Geographical Areas.

1. London & South
2. Central England
3. North England
4. Scotland
5. Ireland
6. Wales

In 1985 it was upgraded from District to General status.

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Rev. David Campbell

Born in Northern Ireland on 5th July, 1927. After graduation from secondary school, he went against the wishes of his parents to pursue training in the civil engineering field, and began to study theology in preparation for the ministry. After years of intensive study, he accepted the great truths of the absolute deity of Jesus Christ and baptism in Jesus Name.

In 1969 Brother Campbell went to Scotland and helped pioneer the work in that country.
After spending two years erecting a church and training young minister, he answered the call to assist in the establishment of a work in North-East England. He was the pastor of “Life Tabernacle” in Sunderland, England. He passed away while ministering on a trip to the U.S. in 1981.

He will always be remembered as a great family man, gifted preacher & teacher, a man of serious and sober disposition but with a balance of humour. He served many years on the District (National) Board and was an honorary member.

Rev. Lloyd Edwards

Rev Edwards was a pioneer of the work in this country being among those who first met together on Plough Road in the early sixties. He was born in Jamaica on 3rd January, 1923 being one of ten children.

At the age of 17 he accepted Christ as his Saviour and faithfully served the Lord until his death on 26th September 1991. He came to England in 1956 and was employed by the Post Office until his retirement in 1983. In that same year he married Ruby Elaine and to them were born four children Junior, Phillip, Karl and Rose.

Since the starting of the UPC in Britain Brother Edwards who had previously attended the church on Wildman Street, Kingston, Jamaica became a stalwart for the truth and an ever present at all the functions in the organisation.

He was ordained in 1975 and served on the Board first as Missions Secretary and for a short while as Secretary Treasurer. He was a faithful minister in his duties as associate minister in Calvary Temple for many years and a man of great Christian character.

He served on the District (National) Board, Missions Director and editor of Pentecostal Truth.

Rev. F.J. Turley

Born 28 August 1928 and raised in Pentecost; as a child he initially felt the love of God when he was 8 years old. In his late teens he entered Bible College in London during the final months of WWII. Just a few of the interesting people he met in these years were Howard Carter, Smith Wigglesworth and George Jeffries. These men had a profound impact on the Pentecostal movement in the British Isles. After Bible School he evangelised. In the early 1950’s in London when he was going door to door inviting people to church, he came across a Jamaican home and was invited in. There he was introduced to baptism in the name of Jesus by Bishop Dunn and not long after was baptised. The fellowship he had with a oneness group in Northern Ireland confirmed the revelation of the Oneness of God.

His ministry began in Leeds (1957) and then moved to Horsforth (a small village outside Leeds) and then onto London. He then moved onto the Midlands in 1959 to help his father and bring the truth to the Assembly of God Church.

In 1965 he met Bro Mervyn Miller, missionary of the United Pentecostal Church in America who came to visit and preach. Afterward he pioneered the United Pentecostal Church in Bilston and was able to purchase the building, this was the first building purchased for the UPC in Great Britain.
In 1972 he preached for the UPC General Conference in Miami, Florida. His greatest hero was John Wesley, because of his message of holiness, which delivered a nation to God causing a worldwide revival. One of his greatest joys was to see a new minister in the Lord. He is best known for his many years of service as Secretary/ Treasurer of the UPC of Great Britain and Ireland, also as Editor of the Pentecostal Truth for 19 years, his unmistakable style of preaching and could play piano and sing. He was greatly loved and respected by his fellow ministers. Fred Turley passed away 27 May 2008, a man who was faithful to the end.

Books by F J Turley: “So Great Salvation” & “Understanding Spiritual Gifts”

Bishop James

C.H Dallas

Bishop James Dallas was born on 4th September, 1937 in Garva, Northern Ireland and passed away on 1st July 2001. He was brought up in the Presbyterian Church and later came into his Pentecostal experience. He soon had a desire to study the Word of God and attended Apostolic Bible Institute in the USA. After graduating from ABI he began his ministry by assisting Bro Charles Price in the Shepherds Bush/Hammersmith area.

After this he and Bro Mervyn Miller held services in Howland Hall, Streatham. From there they moved to Calvary Temple, Camberwell where he served as one of the assistants under Bro Miller’s leadership.

During this time he became involved with the starting of the church in Kilburn, where he worked with Rev Eddie Hall.

He then began his major pastoral work, the founding and pastoring of Life Tabernacle Church, Battersea which will forever be a memorial to his ministry. After 28 years he returned to his beloved Ireland to pioneer new churches.

He served in many roles; Missions Director, Pentecostal Truth Editor, member of the Global Council and was elected as General Superintendent in 1977, a position which he held 25 years right up until his passing. He is best known for his sense of humility, and his greatest desire being to train and develop young men for the ministry.

Rev S.G. Sappleton

Rev S.G. Sappleton accepted the Lord as his personal Saviour at the age of 17 in June 1953. He was baptised by the late Reverend H.S. Lewis in August 1953 and received the Holy Ghost.
He emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1960 where he attended Kennington College of Further Education for two years. During the following years he worked with many organisations and companies, including British Rail and G.E.C.

He was united in Holy Matrimony to Catherine May on 23rd November 1963. Four children were born to them – Samuel Lloyd and Jennifer Elizabeth who have gone to be with the Lord and David Mark and Susan Grace who are now married with families of their own.

During these times Rev. S.G. Sappleton served as a lay preacher. He was appointed the pastor of the UPC church in Rugby in September 1969 and served faithfully for six years. In May 1975 he received ordination and was elected by the members of Calvary Temple to be the pastor, where he was one of the founder members when it was purchased in February 1969.

He served on the General Board of the United Pentecostal Church of Great Britain and Ireland as a General Presbyter from 1973 to 1981 and Missions Director from 1981 to 2005. He has helped to pioneer many of the UPC churches in the UK and given assistance to preachers and pastors from other organisations around the globe.

Rev. S.G. Sappleton travelled and ministered in several countries including USA, Canada, Jamiaca, Israel, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Guyana, Trinidad and the Bahamas.



E. L. Carnegie

During his lifetime the late Reverend E. L. Carnegie made such an impact that the following words became synonymous with his character: “faithful,” “true leader,” “humble,” “charitable,” “meek,” “diligent” and “hardworking.” Even people outside the church had respect for his dedication and passion for the Lord. Born on 28th January 1920 in Claremont, St Elizabeth, Jamaica, he was fifth of ten children. His parents were both Christians and were engaged in ministry, so he had a good sound upbringing in the things of God. When he was 20 years of age, he committed his life to Christ and was filled with the Holy Spirit. He married Hyacinth May Miller and they had 5 children – 2 girls and 3 boys.

In 1960, he came to England and was later joined by his wife. Being a faithful servant of the Lord, his relationship with the Lord continued when he came to Britain. He was amongst the early pioneers of the United Pentecostal Church in London and as that first church grew it became known as Calvary Temple. In 1969 Reverend Carnegie was appointed to the church board as an elder. Reverend Carnegie had a great burden to win souls to Christ and in 1971 he showed obedience to Jesus in accepting the call to pastor the work in Bletchley, travelling week after week to hold services. In 1972 the Bletchley church was set in order, and with a small group of believers, the church was started. This church is known today as Faith Tabernacle, which stands as a memorial to him and his steadfastness in the faith.

Pastor Carnegie was a visionary, whose desire was to see the young Faith Tabernacle have its own building and to establish itself in the new city – Milton Keynes. 1987 marked the time when the Lord rewarded the praying, fasting and faithfulness as He had promised, when an old Salvation Army building was purchased. After extensive refurbishments the building was dedicated to the service of the Lord on 4th August 1989. Today we live in the legacy this man has left. This church stands as a memorial to him and is a Holy Spirit led, growing vibrant church. On 19th December 1994 Reverend Carnegie went to be with the Lord.